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Brookside’s “Ballsy” Ads Target Women in the Second Half of Life
Sometimes targeting a very specific audience can be risky. Candy manufacturer Brookside views things a little different. It likes to think its new marketing effort that targets older women is “ballsy.” Well, OK then. Previously the snack brand targeted younger women with the tagline “for all your sides,” but the new effort features women in the second half of their lives, including a former bass player for the rock band The Go-Go’s and a 70-year-old equestrian and philanthropist. According to an article in AdAge, the ads are a good fit with the brand’s image, which offers a “daringly different” twist on basic snacks, such as acai covered in dark chocolate and merlot grapes covered in dark chocolate. The snacks certainly aren’t Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, but that’s OK with Hershey. The chocolate giant purchased Brookside in 2012.
Employee Engagement an Issue at United Airlines?
Employee engagement is becoming a big topic among loyalty marketers today. But, at United Airlines, employee engagement appears to have hit a pocket of turbulence, according to an article in the New York Times. After the airline announced last week that it doing away with its modest employee bonuses, which paid up to $125 a month if the airline met performance goals, and replacing it with a new lottery system that offered larger rewards such as $100,000 cash or a Mercedes sedan at random, workers flew off the handle. They signed an online petition condemning the decision and forcing the airline to announce it was “pressing the pause button” on the move. The airline said it “misjudged” how the changes would be received. Oops. We wrote an article in November about Luc Bondar, United’s new VP of Loyalty.
How Is Target Doing in Its Battle Against Amazon?
Target has made significant investments in its online business and delivery business to compete with Amazon. So how is the retailer doing? An article in USA Today examines this. Target officials said on Tuesday that it attracted more customers over the holidays by revamping some of its stores, upping its online delivery service, and offering exclusive brands and collections. The article adds that the strategy appears successful as sales rose 3.6 percent in the final three months of 2017, compared to the same period the year before. What’s more, efforts to strengthen its online sales were even more successful, soaring 29 percent in the quarter. We wrote an article last June about Target’s plans to revamp the store shopping experience and physical appearance. The company invested $220 million along to renovate 28 stores in North Texas. Last year, Target announced a commitment to invest billions of dollars in a three-year period to reimagine 600 stores by 2019.

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