Hyatt Incorporates Two Roads Hospitality Into Its Loyalty Program
The hospitality brand is expanding its program, World of Hyatt, to include the 85 properties of its recent acquisition, Two Roads Hospitality. “In total, Hyatt currently has plans to incorporate just over 60 Two Roads Hospitality properties into its World of Hyatt network through the year, which leaves about 15 remaining from the acquisition. Many of those remaining properties, such as the Thompson Playa del Carmen, have a unique relationship with Hyatt that may not permit it to join World of Hyatt, but as the hotel chain continues to forge partnerships it expects to release news through the year.” It’s fascinating to see the loyalty program evolve as Hyatt makes new acquisitions, because we’ll see where Hyatt parallels and differs from Marriott, which is also consolidating its programs into Marriott Bonvoy.
Customer Experience
Gallo Employs Chatbot
AI can keep winos loyal. E. & J. Gallo Winery has successfully implemented a chatbot, which provides consumers personalized engagement and messaging. “Gallo needed to make direct connections with consumers to capture insights about preferred rosé flavor profiles, when and how they consume rosé, and which existing rosé brands garnered the greatest loyalty.” This was part of a broader campaign that attracted 25,000 new consumers.
Voters Want Big Tech Regulation on The Hill, Says Study
As the EU implements major regulations, the United States faces “a groundswell for changing the way firms such as Google and Facebook do business—and the impact will carry right into next year’s elections.” A survey from Morning Consultant and Politico shows that 52 percent of voters believe regulations for big tech companies should be a priority, up eight percent from last year. Brands are going to need to be aware the public is more conscious of the issues of data privacy and security than ever before.
Employee Engagement
Lyft Offers Perks to Keep Drivers Loyal
Know people who drive for both Lyft and Uber, depending on which pays better at the given moment? Lyft indicates it will make moves to keep its drivers loyal. The brand “will offer incentives to help drivers economically, such as no-fee bank accounts, debit cards, and special prices on rentals. The company will also open centers where drivers can get car washes and discounts on car maintenance.” Ride-sharing may not feel like a novelty anymore, but neither Lyft nor Uber has achieved profitability yet, so it will be interesting to see how driver-incentives such as these help these brands step into their own.
Citi to Build Digital Consumer Payments Business for Institutions
Citi’s Treasury and Trade Solutions is developing a business line for consumers to make digital payments to institutions. This is part of the brand’s “overall strategy to enable digital commerce for clients and extend its significant presence and capabilities beyond the wholesale payments space. Under this umbrella, a new planned service will be made available to offer institutional merchants the ability to collect from a wide range of payment methods including cards, e-wallets, and new and innovative bank transfers.”

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