Loyalty Rewards in Healthcare
Startup Healthereum has launched a loyalty rewards program for healthcare patients using blockchain technology. “Attendance to appointments is rewarded with digital tokens, but a no-show leads to tokens being forfeited. Completion of care surveys is rewarded as well, and patients may confirm services provided before the insurance bill is sent to insurers. Lastly, providers have a conduit to reach out to their patients with messages tailored for each diagnosis, using automation.” This tech-forward approach is new to loyalty in healthcare, but we’ve spoken with professionals who understand loyalty in other parts of that market.
Starbucks Revamps Its Program
The caffeine supplier is making changes to its rewards program that are aimed at making occasional buyers regulars. “The new program, which launches on April 16, has a tiered rewards structure that will allow customers to redeem ‘stars’ for items other than free cups of coffee. For example, 25 stars will earn an extra espresso shot, dairy substitute, or a pump of syrup, while 400 points will get select merchandise or coffee for home consumption.” Focusing on customer retention is a winning strategy; this should keep Starbucks competitive in the breakfast wars.
Customer Experience
Survey Reveals OE Tire Satisfaction Affects Vehicle Brand Loyalty
Unsurprisingly, when customers purchase a new vehicle and they like the original tires, they are likely to become loyal to that tire brand. But those tires, new survey data suggests, also have an impact on loyalty to the vehicle brand. “There is a big disconnect between consumers’ expectation for the life of their OE tires and their actual experience, which we find not only influences how likely owners are to repurchase the same brand of tire, but also how likely they are to repurchase the same brand of vehicle,” says Brent Gruber, Senior Director, Automotive Quality Practice at J.D. Power. The smallest details of the customer experience can mean everything.
Wall Street Journal Becomes Launch Partner
In the legacy paper’s own words, it has become a launch partner for Apple’s upcoming subscription service for news, which costs  $9.99 a month. “The Journal for years has focused on building its digital subscriber base, appealing to a core audience of people interested in business and financial news. The paper finished 2018 with 1.71 million digital subscribers, with a full-priced subscription costing $39 a month. Its print subscribers totaled about 840,000. The Apple partnership is viewed as an opportunity to bring in revenue from a broader audience.” WSJ is wise to go where the customers are and explore new options for news services, at a time when virtually all print publications are hurting.
Air Canada Chooses IBS
The Canadian airline has selected IBS as its technology partner to power its rewards program, which will launch in 2020. “Air Canada has promised customers a new, industry-leading loyalty program in 2020 that will offer additional earning and redemption opportunities, more personalized service, and an enhanced digital experience. Fulfilling these commitments requires having a modern, flexible, and secure platform in place to support our program, and we have found the ideal solution through this partnership,” says Catherine Dyer, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Air Canada.

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