Tim Horton’s Launches Loyalty Program
Did you know that 15 percent of Canadians go to Tim Horton’s daily? They will now be able to receive rewards for their loyalty via “Tims Rewards.” The program “offers users a free baked good, cup of coffee, or cup of tea on their seventh visit (seven was NHL legend Tim Horton’s retiring jersey number). In the coming months, the app will begin offering personalized mobile offers and discounts.” The brand is offering rewards relevant to its shoppers, which demonstrates empathy and should boost loyalty.
The Right Approach to Customer Experience Data
Organizations make the most of their data, even if it comes in disparate sets. “Creating meaningful, positive customer experiences requires democratization of data across the different lines of business. Democratization of data requires technology collaboration across departments and processes. There’s one role which has the ability to do this and drive overarching transformation: the CIO.” We’ve also seen brands create positions like Chief Customer Officer. No matter what the title is, having a leader whose main role is understanding customers is becoming essential.
Customer Experience
Glossier Raises $100M in Latest Funding Round
The direct-to-consumer beauty retailer has raised $100 million in its latest round of funding. The company is now valued at $1.2 billion. This is indicative of a major shift in consumer behavior; the in-store experience was once a demand for consumers of beauty products. Brick-and-mortar retailers will need to find other ways to create value for consumers that is unique to physical stores.
IKEA Executive on Strategically Competing with Amazon
Barbara Martin Coppola, IKEA’s Chief Digital Officer, views competition from Amazon as a serious challenge for her brand, but has been making changes to address it. She says, “It’s a huge revamp with a lot of ambition and dreams to get the values and feeling of Ikea to be solved in a digital way. And to also create this, what I call the ‘phygital’ new world, so you’ve got physical and digital and to be creating really magical new experiences.” If anything can beat convenience, it’s a memorable, positive experience.
Considering “Human Experience”
Barbara Venneman, Principal of Customer-Led Marketing for Deloitte Digital, argues that brands should consider crafting “human experiences,” instead of customer experiences. Wisdom from the article includes: “About 80 percent of decisions humans make every day are driven by emotion. Emotional and traditional data can provide insight into how context—where they are, how they are feeling—influences behavior.” The loyalty market today is, in a sense, a game in which brands compete to be the most empathetic. If you’re playing that game, Venneman’s words are worth considering.

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