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Cheetos Creates a Vision of Everyone—and We’re Orange and Curly
Selfies are about to get a lot cheesier. According to an article on Creativity Online, Cheetos partnered with GS&P labs to create the addicting app that allows users to “paint the world in cheese curls.” The app takes a user’s portrait and then redoes it using cheese curls. “Cheetos Vision,” as it is known, was introduced at SXSW this year, but is now available to everyone. The PepsiCo Frito-Lay brand partnered with the team at GS&P to train an AI camera to see Cheetos in everything. This Prisma-Style of allowing AI to recreate photos from scratch—as opposed to overlaying a simple filter—has grown in popularity over the past three years. Not a fan of selfies but you love your pet? No worries, Cheetos Vision has your cats and dogs covered with the ability to turn them into a gorgeous cheese-curled portrait as well. The app is available in the App Store right now if you’re looking to create a new profile picture or just really want to see what your pooch looks like as a bundle of Cheetos.
Happy Employees Make for Productive Employees at Dell
Effective employee engagement usually leads to productive employees and satisfied consumers. At Dell, this aspirational scenario is reality, according to an article in Dell employees have higher job satisfaction and are more productive, the article notes, because of a company program that allows them to work anywhere and any hours. Dell’s “Connected Workplace” initiative leverages technology to provide greater flexibility to support the jobs and lifestyles of its staff. Before the transition to Windows 10 Enterprise at Dell, the article says, there was a growing level of employee dissatisfaction with the technology platform supporting the business. A fragmented system created challenges for employees to communicate and collaborate. But, after implementing Windows 10 Enterprise, the company streamlined its environment and given employees new freedom as to how, when, and where they work. We wrote an article last August about Dell when we interviewed Alan Mayer, Senior Vice President, Commercial Customer Advocacy; and Michael Marchand, Global Director, Chief Customer Office−Commercial, Dell EMC.
Salesforce and Dropbox Decide to Join Forces
Salesforce and Dropbox have teamed up to create a potent strategic partnership, according to an article in Business Wire. The partnership, according to the article, will connect Salesforce’s No. 1 CRM platform with Dropbox’s leading collaboration platform, enabling companies of all types and sizes to collaborate and more deeply connect with their customers across sales, service, marketing, and commerce. The announcement builds on the existing relationship between Salesforce and Dropbox, including the Dropbox for Salesforce app available on the Salesforce AppExchange. What’s more, Salesforce Ventures, Salesforce’s corporate investment group, has been an investor in Dropbox since 2014. We wrote an article last August about Salesforce when we interviewed Keith Pearce, Vice President of Product Marketing. Pearce is responsible for the messaging and the positioning of the company’s service cloud platform in the market.

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