Loyalty360 Reads: Kwik Trip Adopts AI for Fuel Supply Chain, Mastercard Adds AI Consulting Service, TGI Fridays Introduces Party Packages

Kwik Trip Employs AI to Optimize Fuel Supply Chain  

The convenience store chain Kwik Trip has adopted AI-based technology to optimize fuel supply decisions across its network of more than 800 locations. The technology uses AI to dispatch and source fuel deliveries, as well as coordinate the in-cab workflow for the company’s internal fleet of fuel trucks and contracted carriers. The company says the implementation of AI will reduce delivery costs, ensure adequate supplies at its locations, and improve communication with suppliers and carriers.  

The technology behind Kwik Trip’s journey into AI was developed by the software firm Gravitate, which specializes in fuel supply chain optimization.  "We had a big choice to make back in 2020: Go with an outdated legacy solution or take a leap of faith with Gravitate,” said Chad Hollett, Vice President of Fuel Distribution at Kwik Trip.  

Kwik Trip says the technology plays a major role in its long-term growth strategy by enhancing the customer experience with reliable fuel supplies and streamlining work processes for its drivers and dispatchers. 

Mastercard Adds AI Practice to its Business Consulting Services  

Mastercard has expanded its business consulting services with a new practice dedicated to AI. The company says the practice will help clients in all industries rapidly and responsibility integrate AI into their operations.  

“With the democratization of generative AI and a complex economic climate, companies need expertise and go-to-market solutions now more than ever,” said Raj Seshadri, President of Data & Services at Mastercard. 

The AI consulting practice will help clients identify and integrate AI tools to optimize areas such as operations, customers experience, and revenue generation. Mastercard has employed AI models for the last decade to protect data in credit card transactions.  

TGI Fridays Introduces Food and Drink Party Packages  

The casual restaurant chain TGI Fridays now offers party packages with curated menu items at its locations. Groups of 10 or more can select an appetizer package or a 2- or 3-course meal package. Non-alcoholic drinks are included, and bar service can be added to any package. The company plans to offer additional package options and a choice of party themes as the program progresses.  

TGI Fridays estimates the party packages will generate $5 million in new revenue in Q4 2023 and could eventually account for 10% of the brand’s business.  

The party packages are part of TGI Friday’s ongoing brand revitalization efforts aimed at positioning the restaurants as festive gathering places.  


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