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Overstock’s Trend Survey Reveals “Trend Overload”
This year, Overstock’s “Not Another Trend Survey” revealed just how frustrated consumers are with bombardment. The survey’s results included: 67 percent of people sharing that there are too many trends to even know where to start, 63 percent of respondents saying there is too much information out there when it comes to home styling and decorating ideas, and 56 percent feeling like they simply can’t keep up with trends; just when they style to one trend, a new one comes out. Consumers feel like there are too many options, with most sharing that the sheer number of trends available on the market actually makes it harder to find what they like. Giving consumers options has always been a good thing, but maybe home décor brands have taken things a bit too far in recent years.

Food Companies Have No Idea What’s For Dinner
Fresh food and new brands are in; cereals, snacks, soups and condiments are out. According to the Wall Street Journal, traditional consumer packaged goods brands are being decimated in this new market. There are four key takeaways that have been studied and noticed. First, consumers are shifting toward fresh produce and meat, and away from packaged foods heavy on carbohydrates and sugar. Also, digital advertising and e-commerce are allowing small brands to effectively reach big audiences. Third, rising sales of prepared foods and meal kits are giving packaged brands added competition. Lastly, a group of aggressive new competitors in supermarkets, most notably Amazon, are pressuring margins across the industry.

Here Come the Kiosks
This week, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook, told MSNBC the brand will be adding self-order kiosks to 1,000 stores each quarter. Even the Golden Arches is being affected by how consumers want to order food in 2018. The kiosks will be added at this steady pace for the next 8 to 9 quarters. The move comes as an attempt to give consumers more choice, variety, and to make things run smoother within the stores. Delivery is also being toyed with in the US market, as it has already caught fire in the Asian market.

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