Ulta Touts Expanded Mobile Features
The beauty retailer has shared “improvements to its mobile app in its earnings call with investors last week. The app now includes an improved order history to make reordering more efficient for users, said CEO Mary Dillon during the call.”
Customer Experience
7-Eleven Taps Menu Boards to Boost Customer Experience
The retailer has deployed digital menu boards to advertise its products more effectively to passersby. “When the Swedish arm of 7-Eleven was looking for digital menu boards, it turned to Visual Art, a digital signage provider. Visual Art integrates its software into Samsung’s Tizen player to deliver dayparting to 7-Eleven’s menu boards. The chain can use nine dayparts based on time of day and weather to meet customers’ needs.”
Over Half of Consumers Will Pay More to Buy from a Retailer to Whom They Are Loyal
New research from Yes Way has found that consumers are willing to spend more on a product if they’re loyal to a particular brand. The organization “surveyed over 1,000 retail shoppers to identify their priorities and motivations as they move along the customer journey, from initial interaction with a brand to brand loyalty. The report revealed that 41 percent of consumers rank product quality/value of products as the top reason they’re loyal to a retailer while 35 percent rank price highest.”
New Report Highlights the Customer Demand for Conversational Experiences
3Cinteractive has announced “the results of their fourth annual mobile loyalty program survey and report, which uncovers loyalty engagement preferences for consumers and opportunities for brands to improve their loyalty programs through mobile.”
How to Secure Generation Z Employee Loyalty on Day One
Over at, Ryan Jenkins offers some insight into how companies can earn the loyalty of working Gen Z-ers. “Too often the first-day experience for new hires starts like this: The new hire arrives without clear direction of where to park or who to meet, they finally connect with someone who vaguely remembers hearing that someone was starting today, and then they are ushered to a random empty desk and instructed to ‘get settled in.’”

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