Uber To Build Out Loyalty Rewards, Integration with Public Transit Programs
Uber is expanding its services. “Electric bike and scooter rentals add to the options to build out “a whole transportation ecosystem on one app,” along with a loyalty building program that will keep people coming back to use the services. Marketing plans are also underway, giving users multiple choices on how to search the app to get from one place to another.”
Staples Office Store Offering Five Percent Back to Teachers/Schools
The retailer has announced “a new Classroom Rewards program that will allow parents to contribute 5 percent of their back-to-school purchases to a teacher or school of their choice.”
Customer Experience
Williams-Sonoma Climbs on Earnings Win, Guidance Upgrade
The retailer is seeing growth. Why? According to Laura Alber, President and CEO, “Customer acquisition and engagement continued to grow as we delivered more compelling and differentiated experiences to our customers. We also reached a significant milestone for our company as we were named, for the first time, to the Fortune 500 largest companies in the U.S.”
HSBC Rolls out SoftBank’s Robot, Pepper, to Achieve “Branch of the Future”
The bank is putting a robot to work. “Pepper works to improve customer engagement by educating customers on product information and making self-service available. The bot uses AI to ask relevant questions in order to determine customers’ needs.”
What Names Say about a Person (or a Customer)
How a parent names a kid says something about the parent. “Names say more about the parents than the kids. How unique parents want to be, where in the country they were when the child was born, and what influences around them shape their lives.”

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