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Whole Foods Just Became More Affordable
On Monday, Amazon announced Prime members will receive added discounts on sale items and other selected products at every Whole Foods in the U.S. Prime members will receive a 10 percent discount on all sale items at Whole Foods. The store, which in the past has been pricier than the average grocery chain, will now be more affordable for the 60 to 70 million Amazon Prime customers. Amazon expects the move to at least double the sales within the Whole Foods market. Included with the discounts will be free two hour delivery of purchases made at Whole Foods.

Let’s All Work From Home Next Week…
Let’s face it, video conferencing and messaging apps have grown so advanced that technically none of us need an office today. However, as all of us sitting at our desks know, there’s a massive difference between a technicality and reality. One company is doing its part to convince bosses across the country to let their employees stay home for the week of 4th of July. CyberLink’s new “Everybody Work From Home,” campaign is taking a stab at making the 4th of July week better for all of us. The campaign includes, “suggested email templates that workers can send their bosses, asking for permission to work from home and noting that CyberLink’s software will help them bridge the gap.”

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