StubHub Introduces a Loyalty Program
The service “has launched a Beyond loyalty program that gives its biggest customers some equally large perks. For one, you get VIP access to special events and early promotions, such as a private tour of Yankee Stadium on June 27th.” However, the rewards are obtained by top-dollar spending, as “the initial form of Beyond auto-enrolls US customers who’ve spent at least $10,000 in tickets over the past 12 months.”
Citi Changes Its Credit Card Rewards Programs
The bank is changing redemption options and also eliminating some potentially valuable perks. “Citi attributed the choice to remove these perks to ‘sustained low usage,’” adding that the changes were being made so that the company could “continue providing key benefits our customers use and value most at no additional cost.”
Customer Experience
YouTube Launches Augmented Reality for Viewers to Virtually Try on Makeup
YouTube has launched technology that will change how beauty products are marketed. “With AR Beauty Try-On, a viewer can see how a shade of lipstick looks on themselves while watching their favorite creator review it or explain how to apply it, for instance. They can then click through to purchase the product.”
NSW Regulator Tackles $3.6 Billion in Hidden Insurance Fees
It seems the drive for increased transparency in data and value proposition has helped lead to changed expectations elsewhere. “Insurance companies will soon have to alert customers in NSW to changes in the price of their premiums, as regulators crackdown on the so-called loyalty tax highlighted by the Hayne royal commission.”
Sports and New CX
Social has changed the way consumers experience sports and the way sponsorships work. “Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have changed the way people engage with sports, and sponsors are taking notice as they try to drive greater value from their investments. They know that seeing their logo show up during the broadcast is only part of the deal. It’s just as crucial to understand how their brand shows up on the game highlights on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. These are the channels to drive deeper engagement with sports fans.”

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