PDI Fuel Rewards Program Doubles Membership in Two Years
The gas retailer has hit a major milestone, reaching over 20 million loyalty members. “Consumers have shown their preference for cents-per-gallon rewards time and again through changes in their spending behaviors,” says PDI Marketing Cloud Solutions Senior Vice President Brandon Logsdon. “The brands that participate in the program see the power of the currency and the flexibility of the platform to meet their specific marketing goals. Our 20 million Fuel Rewards members are a testament to the success of Instant Gold Status that launched at Shell in June 2017 and the program’s ability to drive consumer participation, which translates to incremental revenue for participating brands.”
Alliance Data Launches Branded Credit Card Program for Interval International
Interval International now has a new card with some special capabilities. “Through the new credit card, Interval World Mastercard, Alliance Data will drive loyalty with a redefined, robust rewards program that benefits cardmembers through opportunities to earn points for bookings. Interval International will have access to Alliance Data’s innovative suite of capabilities, driving cardmember acquisition and allowing cardmembers to begin using their card to book travel immediately.  Interval also will have the ability to leverage Alliance Data’s precision marketing and data analysis capabilities to provide its members offers that are tailored to their unique preferences.”
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Walmart Is Using AI-Powered Cameras to Prevent Theft at Checkout Lanes
Big Brother is watching (some of) Walmart’s checkout lanes and saving the retailer a pretty penny. “The system runs on cameras that watch as items move across the register. If an unusual activity occurs, such as an item moving into a bag without being scanned, a checkout attendant will be notified to take action. Missed Scan Detection was designed to help reduce theft and other losses, a problem that has cost US retailers up to $47 billion in 2017.”
Restaurants Push for Lower Delivery Fees
The space has gotten competitive, and now restaurants are pushing for services like Grubhub to reduce their fees. “Restaurants were quick to sign up with delivery companies such as Grubhub Inc. and Postmates Inc. to reach more customers. Now, growing competition in the delivery business is emboldening many restaurants to seek lower rates from such companies.”
Partnerships Partners with NeoCurrency to Reward Jobseekers has partnered with NeoCurrency to launch a novel program. “New hires, who apply for and receive a new position through, will be sent a Visa Prepaid Reward Card. These cards, generated and delivered by NeoCurrency, will empower each new hire with a 5 percent reward after 90 days on the job. Employers pay a fixed 7 percent of the candidate’s salary, and in turn rewards successful hires. The new partnership with NeoCurrency provides with a unique way to deliver these rewards.”

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