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It’s a Slow Day for…..
Starbucks. According to a new report, the brand will close 150 poorly performing company-operated stores next year, about three times as many as is typical. To combat the slow sales growth, the brand will add items such as “low-sugar iced tea, for an increasingly health-conscious customer base.” Consumers seem to be getting away from the sugar-filled drinks and into plain black coffee. Frappucino sales have fallen by 3 percent. Last year, sales of the sugary blended beverage were up 4 percent, compared to 5 percent in 2016 and 17 percent in 2015.

Best Buy Balances Retail and Health
The brand recently announced it will be making health- and fitness-related technology a priority. The Assured Living Program, which Best Buy launched last summer, has been very popular among the elderly.  The program includes home consultations with a Geek Squad member to determine the proper IoT settings for an elderly member of the community. They also took part in selling specially-designed phones and medical alert systems for the elderly. The trend in retails seems to be brands turning toward health-related issues. Amazon and Target, for example, have both turned toward more of a public health initiative.

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