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Drunk Uber Passengers Beware
Yesterday, TechCrunch announced Uber filed for a patent to detect drunk drivers. The technology would use machine learning to detect the sobriety of each passenger. The system measures current phone behavior against their usual behavior, using information like location, data input accuracy, data input speed, interface interaction behavior, the angle at which the user is holding their device, or even the speed at which they’re walking. After making a determination, the technology notifies the Uber driver of his/her passenger’s current “state.” If a passenger is particularly sauced, Uber may match the passenger with a more experienced Uber driver to handle the ridiculousness that might ensue. This will also allow drivers to decline passengers who might be a trainwreck to get home. Driving a drunk person home on a long commute can be a massive headache for drivers; this new patent could save drivers the hassle, if approved.

Potholes and Pizza
Domino’s continues to make headlines in the marketing campaign realm. This week, they announced the “paving for pizza” campaign, which aims to prevent potholes from ruining pizza while en route for delivery. The program accepts nominations for towns where potholes are a huge problems, such as Southern California, and if accepted (no guarantees), helps fix some potholes along common delivery routes. Before you get too excited, one pizza brand unfortunately cannot fix our $185 billion infrastructure problem, however, they can get you one step closer to wrinkle-free pizza.

From Pancakes to Burgers…
Last week, we questioned what the new “b,” in IHOP’s brand relaunch would stand for. This week, the question that millions of Americans have been losing sleep over has been answered: the “b” stands for burgers at IHOP. The brand, at least for the time being, will be IHOb, in a promotional move. Fear not IHOP lovers, the name is not actually a permanent change, it is a short term marketing tool while they release their new burger line. The brand released seven new “Ultimate Steakburgers,” which are now available at its locations. For IHOP lovers who haven’t been able to get a good night’s sleep in two weeks, rest easy, IHOP will be back soon enough.

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