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Here Comes Target…
With Amazon and Walmart seemingly dominating the delivery realm within retail, Target has rolled out plans for its own delivery service coming in the next few weeks. Through partnerships with Shipt and “Drive-Up,” Target customers will have access to curbside pickup and same-day delivery within the next few months. The goal for Target is to actually be more convenient than Amazon in the end. The $99 fee for access to all of Target’s services is cheaper than the $119 of Amazon Prime. The brand will be starting its new service launch in Chicago and will be expanding from there, depending on the success seen with the new programs and partnerships.

The Colonel is Going Vegan
Not in America at least, take a breath. With the new obesity guidelines for adults in the U.K., Kentucky Fried Chicken has come up with a plant based, meatless version of its famous fried “chicken.” The 11 herbs and spices will remain in the breading, however the inside will be a chicken-free product that the brand has devised. This would not be the first time the U.K. has seen fast food take a turn towards health, the last few years they have witnessed multiple fast food chains changing their products. McDonald’s released a McVegan burger (we are not kidding) and Pizza Hut unveiled Vegan Pies, both of which have seen a rising demand in their markets.

Comic Books Coming to GameStop
No longer will GameStop only sell video games. At 40 of its locations, the brand will begin selling a mixture of mainstream and exclusive variant comic books for customers to purchase. Marvel and DC will be providing the majority of the mainstream comics. If the offerings gain in popularity, GameStop has announced they will expand upon the idea to other stores. The partnership comes as a response to the growing resurgence of comic books within the last few years.

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