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It’s a Bad Day for…

Canada Dry Ginger Ale. This week, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, maker of the popular Ginger Ale brand, is being sued for false advertising due to its claims of “real ginger” being in the beverage. The real ginger claim, has led some consumers to believe the drink is healthier than a typical soft drink, which is not necessarily true. The ale is made with, “ginger extract that includes less than two parts per million of any ginger compounds in the final product.” The people involved in the lawsuit allege they would not have bought the drink or would have paid less for it if they knew it did not include the health benefits of natural ginger.

Fan ID’s Provide Unique CX at What Cost?

Attending the World Cup is a privilege most people simply will not ever do in their lifetime. The event occurs once every four years and is the most viewed sporting event in the world. This year, Russia, the hosting city, has implemented a unique spin on fan experience. The country has issued “Fan ID’s,” to the event for the first time ever. The ID includes entry and “perks like visa-free entry into Russia, free transport in and occasionally between host cities and discounts in certain shops and restaurants.” Many fans claim these ID’s to be an awesome memento to hold onto for the rest of their lives, while others are concerned with the data collected from the ID’s. The data “gives World Cup organizers and security officials the ability to track the location of fans during the tournament and provide the authorities those fans’ personal information.” While Russia has claimed the badges are being used only for security and ease of experience for fans, many experts are concerned with the process. On the flip side, most fans seem to love the idea, as it provides them with a unique keepsake for the future. Other countries, such as the US and Mexico, have announced they will consider something similar in years to come.

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