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Virtual Shopping to Walmart

What does furniture look like in a staged home? In the past, you’d go to Walmart, see something you enjoyed, and would roll the dice on how it’d look in your living room. Even worse, sometimes we would have to call our loved ones to ask about room dimensions, color schemes, etc. This morning, Walmart announced its goal to save families the drama that comes with not knowing. The “3D Virtual Shopping Tour,” allows users to navigate an apartment showcasing nearly 70 items from both national brands and Walmart’s private label offerings. After staging the room, customers can then “Buy The Room,” which is the additional new features that allows users to easily purchase the items they showcased within the room.

Hit the Road

This July 4th week, despite the holiday falling on a Wednesday, the U.S. will break its July 4th travel record for the fourth consecutive year. Nearly 47 million people will hit the roads this week, an increase in 5.1 percent since last year’s numbers. The holiday being on a Wednesday has actually helped to increase travel numbers as consumer can fly either before or after the holiday. With the economy doing relatively well, disposable income is at a high for consumers. With gas prices still affordable for most, combined with the influx of disposable income, the last few years have made for prime travel conditions for consumers.

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