Qantas Overhauls Loyalty Program, Resists Dynamic Pricing
The carrier has drastically altered its loyalty programs. “The bulk of the changes center on adjustments to award ticket prices and the fees associated with those bookings. In a departure from the current industry trend, the carrier also chose not to adopt a dynamic model for its award ticket pricing.”
AmEx Warns of Higher Costs as It Boosts Rewards Program
The credit card issuer spent significantly to have a robust loyalty program in a crowded space, and the resultant increase in costs has led to shares going down. “AmEx has been ramping up its reward programs on its cards and striking partnership deals with a number of companies in a move to attract and retain customers. The company in 2018 renewed a partnership with Delta Air Lines that rewards customers with air miles. Card reward expenses jumped 9 percent in the second quarter to $2.65 billion, compared with a 4 percent rise in the first quarter.”
Marriott and Emirates Are Latest to Launch Hotel-Airline Loyalty Partnership 
The hotel-airline-loyalty-partnership continues. “On the surface, the partnership is quite similar to what American and Hyatt launched earlier this year. To benefit, travelers need to be elite in one of the loyalty programs and then book a flight or hotel on the other. Unlike its competitor though, the Emirates and Marriott partnership doesn’t have as wide of a footprint. While there’s a Hyatt hotel in most major cities in the US and American Airlines canvasses the country, the reach of Emirates is limited to largely international destinations connected to its hub in Dubai.”
Customer Experience
Customer Experience Company Medallia Soars in Public Debut
The company “is now trading on the NYSE, soaring in its public markets debut. After pricing shares at $21, Medallia closed up more than 70 percent at $37.09. Leslie Stretch, President and CEO of Medallia, joined Cheddar to discuss the company’s early public success and the state of customer experience as an industry.”
Employee Engagement
Restaurants Sweeten Pay and Perks to Find Scarce Workers
The restaurant industry is attempting to win over workers from retail. “Waiting tables and operating deep-fryers has long been some of the lowest-paid work in the US, and a rite of passage for students during the summer. This year, with unemployment at the lowest level in decades, restaurants are finding fewer students and lower-skilled workers willing to take those jobs.”

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