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Remember Snapcash? We Don’t Either…

Do you remember when Snapchat released Snapcash? More importantly, have you ever even used Snapcash? The peer-to-peer money transfer service unfortunately never grew to be a staple within the astoundingly popular Snapchat app. On August 30th, Snapchat will permanently discontinue Snapcash for good. According to The Verge, “Though Snap didn’t specify why it’s shutting down Snapcash, it’s likely that the service never quite took off as Venmo continued to grow while Google and Apple began adding a similar feature to their respective mobile OS.” Snapchat is looking towards expanding outwardly from its core mobile app, Snapcash however, will not be one of the ways they do it.

Salad Eaters are not “Lovin” McDonald’s

Imagine this scenario for a moment. You go to McDonald’s with a group of your friends. All of your friends order unhealthy items, such as Big Mac’s, Chicken McNuggets, McFlurries, etc. You, on the other hand, are on a diet and trying to watch what you eat so you order a salad. A few days after eating said salad, you are as sick as ever with the Cyclospora parasite while your friends are completely fine. The parasite, which is typically from fecal matter contamination, was found in the chain's salads at restaurants in the midwest and has sickened 163 people. Nobody has died yet, but the symptoms of the parasite can be pretty gut wrenching (no pun intended). So much for trying to eat healthy, right?

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