Vans Family Enters the UK
The footwear brand’s loyalty program, Vans Family, has launched in the UK. “The Vans Family loyalty program will engage our fans—from newcomers to loyalists—as individuals with unexpected experiences tailored to their personal interests,” says Doug Palladini, Global Brand President at Vans. “In doing so, we are creating authentic connections with people who like Vans, deepening our relationships with them, and creating new pathways to interact in relevant ways.”
Customer Experience
Dean & DeLuca Closes Stores as Debts Pile Up
In The New York Times, Julia Moskin chronicles the brand journey of Dean & DeLuca, a luxury food chain that’s now coping with debt. “After months of noticeably sparse shelves and staff, two Dean & DeLuca stores quietly closed last week, one in California’s Napa Valley and the other on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. The remaining outlets in the United States are increasingly stocked with Coca-Cola and Chobani yogurt instead of their craft-made equivalents.”
7-Eleven Gives Away Slurpees on 7/11
On the calendar day that the convenience retailer is inevitably top-of-mind, 7-Eleven took the opportunity to get customers engaged with its loyalty ecosystem. Through the promotion, “if you scan your app, card, or phone number on the 7-Eleven app after getting the free drink, a free Slurpee coupon will appear in the coupon section of the app.”
Employee Engagement
Amazon to Retrain a Third of Its US Workforce
Amazon is investing heavily to prepare for a more automated future. “The online retailer said Thursday it plans to spend $700 million over about six years to retrain a third of its US workforce as automation, machine learning, and other technology upends the way many of its employees do their jobs.”
California Readies to Classify Uber and Lyft Drivers as Employees
Soon, Golden State ride-hailing service drivers will go from being contractors to employees. “In determining whether a worker is a true independent contractor (as Uber, Lyft, and other ‘gig economy’ platforms contend) or employees, there are a number of legal tests that, in simple terms, suss out whether the laborer has sufficient say in how and when the work is completed. California’s supreme court, in applying the broader ‘ABC test,’ decided contract drivers working for delivery firm Dynamex were improperly classified—opening the door for gig workers across the state to challenge their own statues.”

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