Uber Launches Rewards Program for Drivers
In India, the ride-hailing service is rolling out a rewards program for its drivers. “Drivers will get points for using the platform over a period of three months. The points can be redeemed for rewards like faster pick-ups at select airports, free doctor’s consultation on call, savings on maintenance costs, and access to micro loans.”
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Subway Will Begin Selling Milkshakes
The QSR, which has long been perceived as a healthy alternative, will soon be selling milkshakes. However, Subway won’t be sacrificing its low-calorie reputation, as it will be making the shakes with Halo Top ice cream. Hal Top is “a way that dessert lovers can get their ice cream fix without the guilt. The pints are made up of hand-spun ice cream that come in the flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. You can enjoy the ice cream without taking in too many excess calories, each pint only coming out to between 330-350 calories.”
AAA Video Game CEOs Unsure If Gamers Are Ready for New Consoles
Microsoft and Sony announced new consoles at the most recent E3 conference, but some are expressing uncertainty as to whether there’s a real market demand for the new devices. “Ultimately, of course, the answer to that will lie with the games. Software sells hardware. And, so far, there’s not a lot of hard information about what the new titles the consoles will launch with (though Microsoft has already made it clear it intends to come out strong). But some leaders of the industry’s biggest game publishers are stopping short of giving the upcoming consoles their full-throated support.”
Google Joins Dish in Talks to Create 4th Mobile Carrier
Even as regulators decide whether or not an anti-trust suit should be brought against Google, the tech-giant has entered discussions with Dish to launch a fourth mobile carrier. “The idea is for Alphabet-owned Google and Dish to launch a new wireless giant with the help of assets acquired from T-Mobile, which is now under pressure from the Department of Justice to aid such a project in order to get clearance for its $26-billion merger with Sprint, according to sources close to the situation.”
Banks and Governments Show Continued Resistance to Facebook’s Libra
The new cryptocurrency has generated substantial buzz, but it is meeting even more substantial resistance. “Many cite the obvious regulatory issues involved with identification and money laundering, while others say they don’t like how Facebook introduced the coin. David Marcus, who leads the project for Facebook, announced a coalition called the Libra Association to help oversee the project. So far, there are no banks on the list.”

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