Loyalty360 Reads: January 6 | Walmart To Expand InHome Delivery, Reaching 30 Million U.S. Homes in 2022; Pop by Cinemark to Celebrate Cinema’s Favorite Snack on National Popcorn Day; and More

Walmart To Expand InHome Delivery, Reaching 30 Million U.S. Homes in 2022
It’s a new year and Walmart is resolving to bring the convenience of InHome delivery to even more customers in 2022. Today, the retailer is announcing plans to scale the service, going from InHome being available to 6 million households to making it accessible to 30 million U.S. households by the end of the year. To support the expansion, Walmart plans to hire more than 3,000 associate delivery drivers this year as well as build out a fleet of 100% all-electric delivery vans.
“We’ve been operating InHome in select markets over the last two years and have found it is a perfect solution for customers who want to live their lives without worrying about making it to the store or being home to accept a delivery,” said Tom Ward, senior vice president, last mile at Walmart U.S. “Identifying ways to help our customers save time and money is our purpose, and nothing showcases that better than InHome delivery, which is why we’re excited to bring the convenience of InHome to even more customers in 2022.”
Pop by Cinemark to Celebrate Cinema’s Favorite Snack on National Popcorn Day
Cinemark Holdings, Inc., one of the world’s largest and most influential movie theatre companies, is celebrating cinema’s favorite snack on National Popcorn Day on Wednesday, Jan. 19, by giving moviegoers the chance to win free popcorn for an entire year. More information on this irresistible holiday can be found at Cinemark.com/popcornday.
“Our golden, buttery popcorn is as iconic as our massive silver screens, and we are delighted to celebrate one of the true stars of any movie this National Popcorn Day,” said Phillip Couch, Cinemark EVP Food & Beverage. “Popcorn so truly enhances the moviegoing experience, and we are popping with excitement to give Cinemark Movie Rewards Members the chance to win this delectable treat for an entire year. Whether you like it kettled, salty, buttery or with your favorite candy mixed in, there are countless ways to savor your Cinemark popcorn.”
springbig and Olla Announce Fully Integrated E-commerce Loyalty Partnership
springbig, the leading provider of marketing solutions, consumer mobile app experiences, and omnichannel loyalty programs to the cannabis industry, announced its loyalty integration with Olla, the industry's most customizable cannabis e-commerce platform. For retailers using Olla and springbig, this integration enables new consumers to enroll in a retailers' loyalty programs and for existing members to access and redeem available points and rewards at checkout. Retailers can now offer loyal customers more ways to earn reward points on purchases made online or at physical retail locations, with customized incentives to boost repeat purchases.
Through this partnership, retailers will have additional tools to increase sales by rewarding loyal customers with discounts or other incentives while streamlining processes for customer retention. Leveraging Olla's curated promotions features with springbig's rewards program will enable retailers to maximize conversion rates on optimized campaigns. Retailers can realize synergies created by the partnership to deliver unparalleled retail experiences - springbig's powerful loyalty software working directly within a retailer's Olla online store to deliver on the shopping behavior gleaned from Olla's analytics. By pairing customer segmentation and ordering data with springbig's marketing campaigns, retailers will be able to implement highly customized promotions with very high consumer engagement and conversion.

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