Caesars Entertainment Upgrades and Renames Program
Caesars Entertainment has announced that its Total Rewards program will now go by Caesars Rewards. The name change takes advantage of the brand’s broad name recognition. In addition to the name change, the brand will also be adding additional rewards and incentives in the program, in part to promote Caesars hotels and other experiences around the world.
“From the iconic Caesars Palace in Las Vegas and through many of our other properties, guests know the Caesars brand, and Caesars Rewards helps us strengthen that connection across our global network,” says Mark Frissora, President and CEO of Caesars Entertainment.
Uber Offers Free Rides to Fans of Losing Super Bowl Team
Ride-hailing service Uber, in an effort to promote its loyalty program, Uber Rewards, is offering free rides to members who are fans of whichever team loses the Super Bowl. The brand’s promotion, called “Unhappy Hour,” used Seattle Seahawk’s quarterback Russell Wilson in ads that were spread through Twitter and Instagram.
Uber and its competitor Lyft launched their loyalty programs around the same time last year. Unhappy Hour is the latest attempt by Uber to gain an advantage over the competition.
Zinrelo Helps Xtrema Boost Customer Retention
Xtrema, a cookware brand, enlisted Zinrelo to boost customer retention. The result was a tier-based loyalty rewards program, Xtrema Rewards, that offers users an opportunity to earn points for different activities, including purchase on website, review on website, and social sharing.
A 19 percent uplift in customer retention was recorded after the launch of the loyalty program. A big contributing factor were the 12.8 percent of dormant users who were reactivated by awarding them incentives through the rewards program. In just three months, $21,492 in revenue was generated from purchases made by enrolled users who were redeeming their rewards.
Penn Station Launches New Loyalty Program and App
Restaurant chain Penn Station has released an update to its app that corresponds with a change in its loyalty program. Previously, the brand employed a program based on surprise and delight, but the new program will use a rewards bank. Every dollar spent will give members one lemon, and lemons can be exchanged for rewards, like free sandwiches and sides.
“Our updated loyalty program provides transparency that we think customers will appreciate,” says Craig Dunaway, President of Penn Station. “It will allow customers to decide between saving up their lemons for a bigger reward like a sandwich or redeeming smaller rewards like our signature fresh-cut fries or hand-squeezed lemonade more often.”

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