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Is customer satisfaction driving a new retail model?
Does price drive purchase? According to the annual Retail Survey by ForeSee, the answer to that would be a big fat “NO!” More than 75 percent of the 40,000 people polled prefer hopping with a set of retailers, regardless of the price. A story in Home Textiles Today suggests this may be the beginnings of a new retail model. The article also details some of the other survey findings, including more than half of the shoppers won’t buy from an online retailer that charges for returns, and more than 60 percent place a high importance on being able to buy online and pickup in the store.
Customer Experience, Digital Disruption, and the Hospitality Industry
As more companies endeavor to achieve success in their respective digital transformation projects, customer experience becomes the featured attraction. The challenges associated with customer experience lend themselves to digital transformation that is pivotal to ensure a seamless customer journey. So what does that mean for the customer experience? Will it hurt personalization or enhance the overall experience? An article in Hospitality Net takes a look at how digital disruption may impact the hospitality industry. We took a look at the same issue last August when we talked to Avaya about the importance of digital transformation and the customer experience.
Ally Financial Set to Ride Alongside DriveTime
This week Ally Financial announced that it agreed to purchase retail contracts from DriveTime, the nation’s second largest vehicle retailer focused solely on used vehicles. According to the agreement, Ally Financial will make up to $750 million available to DriveTime for the purchase of retail contracts during the coming year. According to an announcement in PR Newswire, Ally Financial will provide committed financing for the purchase of retail contracts for 12 months. We wrote an article last year after Ally Financial CMO Andrea Riley spoke during a session at the 10th annual Loyalty Expo.

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