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Unique Pizza Hut Campaign Targets Customer Loyalty, Super Bowl LII
Who knew that 11 years ago when Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears returned the opening kickoff 92 yards for a touchdown in Super Bowl XLI that Pizza Hut would leverage that record feat during this year’s Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4, 2018? Hester’s touchdown set a record for the earliest lead in the Super Bowl, just 14 seconds into the game, and now Pizza Hut has a unique idea: If that record is broken during Super Bowl LII, it will give a free medium two-topping pizza to those who are members of its loyalty program—Hut Rewards. Since 2011, there have been 15 touchdowns scored in the first 14 seconds of regular season and playoff games. Pushing innovative ideas isn’t foreign to for the Yum! Brands company. Earlier this month we spoke with Pizza Hut about its plans for future delivery via autonomous vehicles. The Super Bowl, of course, is a great time to build brand loyalty. For Pizza Hut, it’s the highest tipping day of the year, with its drivers logging nearly 5 million miles. Check out the release on PR Newswire for more fast facts about Pizza Hut’s busy Super Bowl Sunday and the offer.
B2B Companies Can Gain Valuable Customer Insights Via Machine Learning
Brands that sell to business customers are showing more willingness to implement a loyalty program than ever before. Similar to B2C loyalty programs, B2B companies also want to pursue and obtain key customer insights. According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, machine learning techniques can assist B2B companies through the availability of digital data. The article reminded us of the conversation we had with Carlos Dunlap-Beard, Vice President of Loyalty Solutions at Snipp, last year about how customer loyalty is shaping the success of B2B loyalty programs.
RewardsCanada Names the Best Credit Cards
With more than 75 travel rewards credit cards offered throughout Canada, differentiating them can be fulltime job. Fortunately, not only lines the cards up side-by-side and compares them, it creates a Travel Rewards Credit Card Ranking each January. It announced this year’s winners today in six categories: Best Overall Travel Reward Card; Travel Points (with annual fee); Travel Points (with no annual fee); Hybrid; Airline; and Top Coalition Program.

And the winners are…well, you’ll have to check them out for yourself. “The purpose of our annual ranking is to make choosing the right travel reward card easier,” said Founder Patrick Sojka. “It’s also about staying on top of trends and keeping Canadians informed of how industry changes may impact their enjoyment of these cards.” The website also features daily updates on news, articles, program information and bonus offers for over 75 travel reward programs. The company also operates the Rewards Canada Roundup podcast where listeners stay on top of deals of the week, industry mover and shakers, and tips and tricks to maximize earning potential.

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