Planet Home Lending Partners with National Forest Foundation
Planet Home Lending, a national mortgage lender and servicer, has partnered with the National Forest Foundation in a project that helps define the company’s brand while sequestering its carbon footprint. Planet Home Lending pledges three trees for each closed loan in 2019, up to 25,000 trees. The NFF will plant the trees in national forests where they are most needed across the country.
“We strive to be good corporate citizens, valuing and beneficially affecting our communities, society and the planet,” said Michael Dubeck, CEO and President of Planet Home Lending. “This tree-planting partnership with the National Forest Foundation allows us to define, promote, and enhance the green aspect of our company while showing that it is possible to be fiscally successful and environmentally conscious.”
Americans Drink Less Booze and Retailers Re-strategize
According to New Age Beverage Corp CEO Brent Willis, “Consumers want what’s called the entourage effect, which really gives them relaxation. It is not a buzz, it’s just relaxation, it kind of mellows you out.” That is, customers don’t seem to want to get heavily intoxicated any more. They simply want to loosen up and take the edge off.
Because of the entourage effect, alcohol volume in the United States decreased by 0.8 percent in 2018. Americans are still drinking all forms of alcohol, but at lower rates. Beer sales, in particular, have taken the biggest beating. Millennials drink alcohol more moderately than previous generations, and some abstain altogether. Some alcohol companies have begun to release cannabis-infused beverages to win consumers back.
Beelineweb Opts for 32-Hour Work Week
Beelineweb, a boutique provider of online marketing services, has made 20 percent shorter workweeks its new standard for every employee. After testing the concept four times over the past four years, the company is moving forward with permanent three-day weekends. Starting this year, every staff member now works eight-hour days, from Monday through Thursday, while still receiving a full salary and benefits.
“It’s a win-win-win situation for our employees, our clients, and the company,” says Lauren Gaglardi, President and Co-founder of Beelineweb. “By shortening the workweek, our amazing team has adequate time for rest, recovery, family, and personal hobbies, which translates to better focus and happiness on the job. It means our productivity stays high, our clients benefit from our very best work, and we reduce the company’s environmental footprint.”

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