New Survey Data on Americans’ Attitudes towards Cybercrime Published
ERP Maestro, provider of automated and cloud-based controls for access, security, and GRC, has released “The Inevitability of Cybercrime,” a report that documents the results of a December 2018 survey examining the relationship Americans have with cybercrime and identity theft. The responses revealed that 76 percent of Americans believe they will inevitably become a victim of cybercrime, while 68 percent of cybercrime victims don’t believe they could have prevented the crime from happening.
“While our mission is to protect companies from cybercrime on the inside, we wanted to examine how concerned people are about cybercrime in their personal life to see if cyber safety is practiced similarly professionally,” says Jody Paterson, founder and CEO of ERP Maestro.
Google Doesn’t Appeal to Russian Consumers
Google has about 90 percent of the global market for search engines cornered, but in Mother Russia, Yandex remains the preferred service, and it owns 55 percent of the Russian market. Consumers believe that the service better interprets Russian searches (particularly when misspellings are involved), and Yandex also benefitted from a head-start in the Russian market, which Google did not participate in until 2004.

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