Loyalty360 Reads: January 17 | Walmart’s Alphabot is Working with Associates, Pak-A-Sak Launches New Loyalty Program, and More


How Walmart’s Alphabot is Helping to Revolutionize Online Grocery Pickup and Delivery

Alphabot is operational and working with associates at a Walmart supercenter in Salem, New Hampshire. According to a company release, Walmart says the goal of this automation is to “revolutionize the online grocery pickup and delivery process for associates and customers.” Developed by Alert Innovation, Alphabot will provide faster, more efficient order picking. The system, which operates in a warehouse-style space, uses autonomous carts to gather items for online grocery orders. Alphabot takes the products to a workstation, where a Walmart associate checks, bags and delivers the order.


INCENTCO Launches New Engagement Platform for the Student Housing Industry

INCENTCO LLC, provider of engagement technology to student housing and multi-family properties, has launched new platform features aimed at residents and employees of student housing companies. Some of the new features include enabling users to get rewards via social media review sites, submit real-time surveys, and provide “mood feedback.” “Our program replaces physical reward cards with an online solution that has proven to be a tremendous success for top-tier student housing providers,” Gerry Wiatrowski, Co-Founder of INCENTCO, said in a company release. “Our client partners have realized significant savings in both labor and administration while adding an unprecedented level of control. Plus, the ability for residents to choose and receive their reward in real-time has been an engagement game-changer.”



Loyalty / Rewards Program

ZipLine Partners With Pak-A-Sak To Launch New Loyalty Program

Pak-A-Sak convenience stores has launched Pak Perks, a new loyalty program integrated with payment on ZipLine’s platform. Pak-A-Sak now offers an app that combines rewards with Pak Pay. Pak Perks includes surprise and delight offers, coffee and fountain clubs, and fuel discounts. “We’re excited to expand our long-time partnership with ZipLine and give our guests more meaningful ways to save and build rewards,” Tanner McKee, CTO at Pak-A-Sak, said in a release. “Leveraging the existing ZipLine payment product, we can now provide a unified loyalty experience across various offerings. Customer relationships are crucial to our brand and will be strengthened with each Pak Perks transaction.”




H&M Launches Pay Later in U.S. Market with Klarna

In partnership with Klarna, H&M has introduced a new payment solution in the United States, “enabling a frictionless and flexible checkout for customers across all channels,” according to a company release. With Pay Later, H&M loyalty program members can shop now and pay later both online and in stores using the H&M app. “Shopping at H&M should be convenient, relevant and inspiring and we are happy to now offer fashion fans in the U.S. a whole new way of paying for their fashion finds. Through the partnership with Klarna, we have developed an H&M-unique payment solution that offers our fans a truly modern shopping experience no matter where and how they choose to shop," Stefan Vos, Chief Financial Officer of H&M North America, said in the release.



Customer Experience

Comerica Bank Names Jim Weber Customer Experience Officer (CXO)

Comerica Bank has announced that Jim Weber, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, will assume the expanded role of Chief Experience Officer (CXO). Weber will be responsible for establishing and overseeing a dedicated Customer Experience Management (CXM) practice, while continuing to direct the company's marketing, communications, and customer data strategy activities. “The establishment of a customer experience practice is an important next step in our evolution as an organization," Curt Farmer, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Comerica Incorporated and Comerica Bank, said in a release. “Jim's CXO role will strongly reinforce Comerica's ongoing commitment to acquiring, nurturing and retaining life-long relationships and drive even greater focus on customer-centricity.”

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