Loyalty360 Reads: January 16th, 2019

Domino’s Won’t Do UberEats
Mobile apps have disrupted a good many industries. Notably, UberEats, the service that enables users to order food delivery from a variety of restaurants that did not previously have a delivery option, has forced many in the food space that have always delivered (pizzerias and Chinese restaurants) to re-strategize. Domino’s pizza, however, has declined to switch over to UberEats for a number of reasons.
“When a customer orders from Domino’s, I want a Domino’s uniformed driver to show up and deliver that pizza,” said CEO Richard Allison. “It helps us to control customer experience and also the quality of our product.”

White Castle Accepts Valentine’s Day Reservations
On February 14th, the historic fast food chain will be accepting reservations for its 28th annual Valentine’s Day dinner. Reservations may be placed anywhere from 4-9 p.m., and customers will be able to book through OpenTable’s website or app.

“Valentine's Day has become a longstanding tradition that is very special to many of our customers and team members across the country,” said Jamie Richardson, vice president of White Castle. “Many Cravers have shared stories with us about meeting the loves of their lives, or forming lifelong friendships at our restaurants, so we look forward to hosting this special event every year to help our fans build even more memorable moments.”

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