Loyalty360 Reads: February 9th, 2018

The latest news in the world of customer experience and customer loyalty.
Winning Olympic Marketing Gold
So the Opening Ceremonies are tonight—or last night, depending on if you’re in South Korea or South Dakota. The time difference is a challenge with those who like and excitement and anticipation of not knowing the outcome before watching the nightly coverage. For those who do like the thrill of the unknown, there’s always the games within the Games. Specifically, who will win the marketing competition. An article in Forbes looks at which athletes might win marketing gold in this year’s Winter Olympics—and there’s usually a surprise in the mix. For those who get inspired by watching amazingly fit athletes, one brand is offering to help get you in shape. Fitness company Peloton is changing its marketing strategy and launching its largest marketing push in its six-year history, according to AdAge. Rather than focus on pushing its stationary bike products, Peloton is pushing its brand instead. The New York-based company did some tracking and found its brand awareness was near zero, so it’s kicking off a series of efforts, which include an emotional commercial featuring a busy mother, and hosting live-streamed cycling classes from South Korea. And, for those wondering just what it takes to market during the Olympics, check out the International Olympic Committee’s “Official Marketing Fact File.”
Good Economic Sign as U.S. Services Sector Activity Reaches Stellar Level
A solid indicator of a strong economy is the performance of its services sector. According to an article in Reuters, U.S. Services Sector activity jumped to a near 12 1/2-year high in January, bolstered by massive growth in new orders. The article also says that economic growth is strong even before the stimulus from a $1.5 trillion tax cut package, which came into effect last month. Does that mean marketing budgets will increase?
Chipotle Eyes Plan to Rebuild Customer Trust
To say that Chipotle has endured its fair share of vicissitudes in recent years would be an understatement. Food safety issues have shadowed the burrito chain in the past two years and the latest fiscal numbers reinforce the company’s ongoing quest to regain customer trust. This CNBC article shows how company officials plan to rebuild customer trust—including launching a loyalty program in the second half of 2018, and improving its mobile ordering experience. That’s good news for burrito fans. The plans also include spending $50 million to upgrade the interiors and adding a second ordering line to cut down on the lengthy time it takes to get served. We wrote about Chipotle’s ongoing problems in an article last year.

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