Loyalty360 Reads: February 8th, 2019

The Link Between Customer and Employee Engagement
Increasingly, we are seeing a correlation between engaged employees and customer engagement. Fred Reichheld and Rob Markey examine this in detail in their book, The Ultimate Question 2.0. Among topics discussed in the book is the notion that having frontline employees hear customer feedback is key to creating customer loyalty. When consumers are able to report bad experiences early and have these experiences corrected early, they are more likely to become loyal to the brand.
New Mobile Commerce Report
Mobile partnership platform Button has released the Button 2019 Mobile Commerce Report: Holiday Analysis, which highlights key learnings, based on millions of transactions that took place in the Button Marketplace over the 2018 holiday season, for marketers looking to drive mobile acquisition and engagement in 2019. Mobile marketing isn’t new anymore, but it’s growing at a rapid pace, so we can safely say we’re still in its early days. As such, any data like this could be potentially useful.
Some Insight on “Taken” Millennial Consumers
A study conducted on behalf of the Propel Card unveils millennial relationship rules, spending habits, and the role credit cards play from the early stages of dating to the latter, lasting-relationship stages.
“We designed this survey to provide a look into our customers’ spending habits in their relationships,” says Beverly Anderson, Wells Fargo’s Head of Cards and Retail Services. “The Propel Card was specifically designed to reward people for things they are already doing—from dining out or eating in, to streaming services, to getting to work—and we wanted to see how they earn and use their rewards points.”
Valassis Offers Customer Activation Tips
Valassis, a company that activates consumers through intelligent media delivery, has shared strategies to help brands retain loyal customers and capture the hearts of new ones this Valentine’s Day. The company’s Dynamic Shopper research reveals only 34 percent of consumers have one preferred retailer by purchase category. This means marketers have an opportunity to build loyalty and improve long-term relationships with existing consumers.
“Today more than ever there’s fierce brand competition,” says Curtis Tingle, Chief Marketing Officer of Valassis. “If marketers don’t take the time to engage consumers in meaningful ways, consumers are more prone to look elsewhere for better service, deals, or personalized offers. In order to foster brand loyalty, marketers must focus on individual preferences by using data intelligence to ensure offers and campaigns are appropriately targeted to activate consumers during their unique purchase journeys. From there, this information should be used to reach and engage consumers in their preferred ways—across print, digital, and emerging channels.”

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