Loyalty360 Reads: February 8th, 2018

 The latest news in the world of customer experience and customer loyalty.
Let the (Marketing) Games Begin
The Olympics officially start today, meaning brands have 18 days of a captive audience to put forward their best marketing efforts. What will we see? Well, we’ll just have to tune in to find out. One thing we might see is a number of non-Olympic Olympic ads. An article in AdWeek during the Rio Olympics talked about how the USOC’s strict intellectual property rules can make marketing difficult for some brands, and how they are getting around it. (Hint: Don’t say “Olympics,” say “sports” or “Big Event” or “athletics.”) Still, some brands go all in, and Chief Marketer began a series of articles on the Olympics with a story on how marketing explodes as the Games draw near. As a primer for what we might see, we can look backward. Hubspot put together 11 awesome campaigns from the 2016 Summer Olympics. For history buffs, the International Olympic Committee strung together a 100-year history of Olympic marketing list, that showed the logos, sponsorship information and broadcasting details for Games dating back to the 1896 Games in Athens, when advertising was used for the first time. Or, for academic types, The Sport Journal published an academic paper on the marketing and promotion of the Olympic Games back in 2005. It’s an oldie, but still relevant.
Intel Looks to Manage Security Flaws with Processor Chips
Intel’s processor chips power many of the world’s smartphones and personal computers. But, on Jan. 3 two major security flaws with the chips were revealed and Intel officials had to scramble to correct and manage the potentially disastrous situation. In this intriguing article from Bloomberg Businessweek, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich talks about what has transpired since the discovery early last month.
Sprint CEO Says 5G Network Will Launch in 2019
Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure is excited that his company will launch mobile 5G services on its 2.5 GHz spectrum holdings on a nationwide basis in the first half of 2019. According to an article in Fierce Wireless, that timeline places Sprint ahead of T-Mobile in terms of launching nationwide mobile 5G; T-Mobile has promised to start its launch in 2019 and finish it in 2020. Claure said Sprint’s 5G buildout will be bolstered by the deployment of about 40,000 outdoor small cell solutions, 15,000 strand mounted small cells through the company’s partnerships with cable companies, and the deployment of up to 1 million Sprint Magic Boxes.

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