Taco Bell Partners with Grubhub
Taco Bell has announced nationwide delivery through Grubhub. To launch the program, for a limited time, all Taco Bell orders over $12.00 come with free delivery excluding tax. “We are thrilled because our expanded Grubhub delivery access for our Taco Bell customers will help satisfy their cravings with the delicious Taco Bell they already know and love, whenever, wherever and however they want it,” says President of Taco Bell, North America, Julie Felss Masino.
Partnering with a third-party for delivery service is an effective way to answer to the behaviors of today’s customer (even a drive-thru is less convenient than a few seconds on a phone). We’ve noticed, however, that offering such a service can come at the expense of customer feedback. It would be interesting to see if Taco Bell has come up with a way to hear about customer experiences, even though the customers have only interacted with Grubhub.
Facebook’s Privacy Protections Have Limits
We’ve all heard about Facebook’s breaches last year and the brand’s dramatic loss of favorability in the public eye. Since then, Facebook has made efforts to limit outside use of the data it collects. However, the social platform has only upped its own efforts in data collection.
Loyalty marketers who have spoken with Loyalty360 note that consumers want personalized experiences and are willing to give personal info to make that happen, but transparency is crucial to building trust. Achieving that high level transparency remains a challenge for Facebook.
Panera Ends Pay-What-You-Can Experiment
For six years, the casual restaurant and café had five locations known as Panera Cares. At these locations, customers were free to pay as much or as little as they wanted for the same menu items available at conventional Panera locations. The last of these is now set to close. Representatives of the brand have indicated that the model proved not to be viable.
Brands are able to boost themselves by declaring authentic support for social causes. The Panera experiment was a bold way to show the brand’s willingness to alleviate poverty, but perhaps the move was too bold for the company at this time.
Foot Locker Invests in GOAT Group to Better Customer Experience
Foot Locker has announced that it is making a $100 million strategic minority investment in GOAT Group, a managed marketplace for authentic sneakers operating the GOAT and Flight Club brands.
Over time, Foot Locker and GOAT Group will combine efforts across digital and physical retail platforms to create exclusive customer experiences. The goal is to combine Foot Locker’s global footprint and GOAT Group’s digital capabilities to provide a more unique experience and elevate customer engagement. Previously, we’ve seen Foot Locker fight off digital disruption of retail through focusing on CX

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