The Rise of the Chief Motivational Officer
At Forbes, Carrie Kerpen reports on Pam Kaufman, recipient of the 2019 Wonder Women Mentorship Award from Women in Toys and Entertainment. Upon receiving this honor, Kaufman emphasized the importance of keeping a motivated and engaged workplace.
She views her role (officially President of Viacom) as Chief Motivational Officer. She says, “When your people are fulfilled and firing on all cylinders, so will your business. Giving my team the tools to be their best selves is a top priority for me.”
LG Partners with Tovala
LG Electronics has added the meal service Tovala to its smart ovens. This is part of a larger trend in which smart kitchen brands are seeking to integrate meal planning and recipes into their products. In practice, Tovala meals will be prepared by professional chefs and delivered to LG consumers, who will only need to perform brief prep work to complete the meal.
The Role of Loyalty in the Travel Industry
A new study from the University of Eastern Finland shows that travelers are particular in their use of loyalty programs. Travelers typically belong to multiple loyalty programs, and these programs generally do not affect their hotel selection. Travelers are most likely to choose programs that offer perks and rewards instantly.
Coping with Uncertainty
Vanderbilt University Professor Patrick Leddin discusses the growing uncertainty of the US economy and how top performers handle it. He argues that “the most effective performers put their best energies toward things that they can control, instead of focusing on the uncontrollable,” and that brands should “take time to consider your assets—what are your strengths and how can you leverage them to achieve what matters most?”

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