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Using Valentine’s Day to Build Happy Hearts—and Build Loyalty
Happy Valentine’s Day. And for some brands, the day is happier than others. Such “Hallmark holidays” are typically build around spending money on loved ones, which means a boost in revenue for a segment of the retailing industry. It’s also a prime chance to establish a great customer experience and build customer loyalty. Who does it well? An article in yotpo took a look at some of the best Valentine’s Day user-generated marketing campaigns. Perhaps unsurprisingly, MeUndies, Tiffany and The Body Shop were among the best. But so was T-mobile with its breakup letter new customers can send to their current cell phone companies telling them they are leaving them for T-mobile.
Sears’ Shop Your Way Loyalty Program to Offer Live Streaming Video Services
Sears officials place a lot of faith in its Shop Your Way loyalty program. Now, they are adding a unique new component to the program: Live streaming video services. According to an article in HomeWorld Business, Sears is partnering with sports-first live streaming TV provider fuboTV. The partnership enables sports-loving Shop Your Way members to access the video service, which includes more than 65 channels of sports, entertainment, and news content. Shop Your Way members who subscribe to the Fubo Premier package receive $20 Cashback Shop Your Way points for the first month of paid subscription, and $3 in Cashback points for every month during the first year of paid service. We wrote an article last month about Sears and how the Shop Your Way loyalty program can impact the company’s future.
Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group to Receive New Name
Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group is rebranding itself next month and becoming the Radisson Hotel Group, according to an article in The business comprises Minnesota-based Carlson Hotels and European partner company Rezidor Hotel Group. According to the article, the rebranding project will last a couple of years and cost about $200 million as it repositions hotels within the brand portfolio. We spoke with Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group last year when it launched a unique promotion.


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