Loyalty360 Reads: Delta 12status SkyMiles Rewards Kicks Off, Grubhub Tests On-Demand Delivery Program, Verint Study Finds AI May Be Important to Customer Engagement

Delta Rewards Seattle Seahawks Fans with 12status SkyMiles Rewards  

With the football season underway, Delta Airlines is rewarding Seattle Seahawks fans for their loyalty. This is the seventh year Delta and the Seahawks have partnered up to support fan travel. The 12Status loyalty program rewards Seahawks fans for the team's performance on the field with miles through the Delta SkyMiles program and other exclusive benefits.     

Seahawks Quarterback Geno Smith will be this season's program ambassador. Smith will appear in marketing materials at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, at Lumen Field, and across digital channels.    

"Partnering with Delta on the 12Status program creates more opportunities for our fans to win when we win," said Smith. "Whether on the field or flying with Delta, our team is proud to represent Seattle."    

Throughout the 2023-2024 season, 12status members will earn one mile for every Seahawks passing yard this season and have access to exclusive benefits for this program:   

Priority boarding: 12Status members receive Main Cabin 1 boarding. Members can take advantage of this benefit during the season when departing from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.    

12% off purchases: On the 12th of each month during the 2023-2024 season, 12status members can save 12% on items at the team's official Seahawks Pro Shop stores in Renton, Washington, and Lumen Field.    

Delta's SkyMiles program is free to join and is required to enroll in 12Status. 12Status is exclusive to Washington state residents, who can sign up for or re-enroll in their 12Status membership at 12Status.com to begin earning miles in Week 1 of the regular season. Members from previous seasons are encouraged to renew their membership (re-enroll) on the site before the first regular-season game on Sept. 12.    


Grubhub Tests New On-Demand Delivery Program  

Grubhub is testing out a new delivery program to support restaurants in dire need of delivery drivers during busy hours. Self-delivery restaurants in select cities on the Grubhub Marketplace can have the option to request a Grubhub delivery driver to facilitate the last-mile logistics on a per-order basis whenever needed.   

This feature is currently in pilot in markets across the nationwide, including Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, D.C., Seattle, Chicago and Denver. With the new automated feature, restaurants that use Grubhub delivery will be charged a flat delivery fee of $5 per order.  

"Whether a restaurant could use extra support to keep up with demand during peak hours or cover for a driver who called in sick, we want to give restaurants even more help to run their business and deliver a great experience to customers," says Liz Bosone, vice president of restaurant success at Grubhub.  

"We've heard from our restaurant partners that they welcome the convenience of this feature and like having alternate fulfillment options that don't require hiring additional staff. We're proud to add this feature to our suite of tools and services."  

This new program can give restaurants more options for how and when they can get help from Grubhub delivery drivers. To learn more, visit Grubhub.com.   


AI May Be Crucial to Customer Engagement  

Verint, a customer engagement company, has found fascinating new details about how Artificial Intelligence can impact customer engagement. According to Verint's research, the customer experience has fundamentally changed in recent years. As businesses try to meet evolving challenges with limited resources, a new approach is needed — one that considers a holistic customer journey.  

"The problem has changed, so the approach needs to change as well," says Jenni Palocsik, vice president of marketing insights, experience, and enablement at Verint. "It's not enough to simply provide additional channels to meet customer demand. Nor is it enough to just provide point solutions as add-ons to telephony-centric systems. What's really needed is a holistic approach to CX automation."  

The report found that 77% of businesses feel consumer expectations for effective digital engagement are up. However, when asked directly, Verint found that the sentiment was shared by just over a third of consumers who report a preference for using digital channels to contact companies. The authors of the report said that this difference likely suggests that "while organizations believe that customers are being more demanding, it's possible that they simply expect great digital experiences as standard."  

Moreover, the researchers point to the significance that just a single poor customer experience can have on consumer behavior. Verint’s study found that 69% of consumers would stop doing business with a company following a negative interaction.  

The adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) has become a key part of their customer engagement strategies. 55% of businesses told Verint that AI has a central role in how they develop their customer engagement strategy, while another 27% reported that they have plans to use AI in their future brand strategy.  

69% of businesses said AI technology will "significantly influence their customer experience approach." Many places where businesses are seeing AI positively affect their customer engagement strategies is the development of virtual assistants for self-service, answering customers' questions efficiently and building a positive customer experience and positive brand reputation.   


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