When It Comes to Retail Demographics, Silver Isn't Second Best
Like youth, marketing budgets are often wasted on the young.
Millennials are the least brand loyal consumer generation we’ve seen in modern times. The same technological and market drivers that effectuate this behavior are likely to persist in subsequent generations as well, so the “customer for life” may not be a customer you can count on going forward. In fact, they’re increasingly elusive. Apart from Amazon and Apple, very few brands today can boast that kind of captive consumer among younger ranks.
TSYS On How Payments Power Rewards
Gone are the days when you had to redeem points for miles and miles for flights—but only if you were flying two years from that day, on the second Thursday in March, at 7:30 p.m., with the condition that you make three stops before finding your way to the final destination.
Today, rewards programs are tied to more tangible, meaningful rewards. Take, for example, Uber’s recently announced four-tier loyalty program tied to Uber POOL and Uber Eats, which will eventually extend to bikes and scooters. Services offered include price protection and free food delivery, once users reach certain spending thresholds.

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