Loyalty360 Reads: August 4: QDOBA Launches Virtual Brand, TGI Fridays Expands Virtual Brands, and More

QDOBA Launches Virtual Brand
QDOBA recently launched a new virtual brand that leverages its 3-Cheese Queso. The brand, named Pure Gold by QDOBA, features a gold-themed quesadilla, taco and bowl. Pure Gold is available exclusively through third-party delivery apps in select markets. QDOBA is using paid social media campaigns and its app to advertise the launch. 

The restaurant is ready for an influx of off-premise orders with its recently installed digital make lines and additional display systems. For customers, mobile app upgrades are user friendly and a seamless experience. The same is true for guests ordering Pure Gold through third-party delivery companies. 

TGI Fridays Expands Virtual Brands Partnership
TGI Fridays is expanding its partnership with Sam Nazarian’s C3 suite of virtual brands. In addition to delivering Krispy Rice sushi and Kumi Japanese tacos to customers, Fridays will also run Matt Stonie’s brand Stonie Bowls out of its digital kitchens. Customers can order from any of the three TGI Fridays virtual brands through C3’s Go by Citizens virtual food hall mobile app, and mix and match from different brands in one order.

While the Krispy Rice and Kumi offerings are available in-store, the expansion into new markets and addition of Stonie Bowls will be through delivery-only partnerships.

Jebbit Releases Annual Customer Data Trust Index
Jebbit announced the release of their annual Consumer Data Trust Index, a report surveying consumer trust in 100 of the world’s leading traditional, small, and D2C companies. The survey asks consumers to rate their level of trust in brands to use their personal data in exchange for more relevant offers, goods and services, and elicits feedback on how much control consumers want over their data and how it is utilized.

The recurring study indicates consumers’ distrust in major brands continues to increase as many businesses that once held top spots on the consumer trust index have made major shifts down the ranks.

New Sailthru Experiences Enables Brands to Capture First- and Zero-Party Data
Sailthru has introduced Sailthru Experiences, a new offering extends the Sailthru platform and allows customers to build and engage audiences through the collection of first- and zero-party data across the entire customer lifecycle. 

Built on capabilities acquired as part of CM Group’s merger with Cheetah Digital earlier this year, Sailthru Experiences helps marketers create and activate interactive experiences – such as polls and quizzes – without involving their IT team.

This offering provides a single view of the customer while supporting personalized messaging in real-time, and was developed to address the growing need to build stronger relationships with consumers and meet their increased demands to be recognized as individuals.

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