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VR Picking up Interest from Walmart

Walmart understands how painful it can be for consumers to shop in their overcrowded stores. The retail brand which has seemingly everything a consumer can imagine, can sometimes be difficult to navigate through. According to an AdAge report, Walmart has heard these cries and is attempting to do something about it. The brand is eyeing VR to help simplify the shopping experience for consumers. Apparently, they have already applied for two different patents within the realm and are very serious about getting the ball rolling in the right direction on this. The idea includes “digital aisles,” which consumers would “walk through,” in order to pick out their items. With how crowded Walmart stores are, this move could be huge for the brand in terms of customer retention and increased experience.

Pepsi Acquires SodaStream

Health has made a comeback in the last few years. Younger generations are interested in having both a healthy mind and body. In turn, brands have had to adjust and respond accordingly. This week, Pepsi has made their move to compete within their shifting market. The brand has acquired SodaStream for $3.2 billion. The company creates countertop machines which allow consumers to carbonate tap water and other beverages at home by filling a reusable bottle and flavoring with an array of syrups. It is an important move for Pepsi as consumers are no longer turning to traditional sugary-filled sodas to get their fix. The sparkling water market in the US has expanded at an almost unbelievable rate. To put it into perspective, in 2012, there was just over 200 million gallons of sparkling water sold in the US. In 2017, there was nearly 800 million gallons of sparkling water sold in the US. The move puts Pepsi right at the heart of the booming sparkling water market.

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