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Kroger vs. Visa?

What’s more shocking? The fact that Kroger pays $90 billion in swipe fees every year to Visa or that they are contemplating banning Visa credit cards from being used in their stores? According to a Bloomberg report, Kroger said its Foods Co. Supermarkets unit in California will stop accepting Visa cards at 21 stores and five fuel centers next month. Kroger spokesman Chris Hjelm said in an interview that the parent company might follow the lead as well. Kroger is the largest U.S. supermarket chain, so the move would hurt millions of Americans who shop at Kroger and have Visa credit cards.

Upcoming Changes at MoviePass

MoviePass, the subscription-based movie ticketing service, announced upcoming changes yesterday. The company will be raising its monthly subscription price to $14.95 within 30 days. MoviePass will also begin to limit users' ability to see movies released on more than 1,000 screens. According to a press release, the changes are intended to cut the company's monthly burn rate by 60 percent. In the past few weeks, Helios and Matheson, the MoviePass parent companies, have struggled to keep its stock above $1 and suffered multiple service interruptions. The moves come as a way to shift the problems within the current MoviePass business model.

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