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Coworking Comes to Office Depot
Residents of Los Gatos soon will have the ability to utilize Office Depot as a coworking space. The brand is piloting their new concept within the location in the coming weeks. For the traveling salesman who can’t stand working in his/her car, the coworking space provides them with an area to get things done AND reasonably priced office supplies, a win-win for all! Trying to get away from reliance on retail revenue, Office Depot is making the move as an alternative source of differentiation. The “Workonomy” concept includes “DIY copying, printing, packing, and shipping as well as a new line of tech-support kiosks.” With the current retail landscape being incredibly competitive, the Workonomy concept is the brands move towards relevance.

The Cleveland Browns Have a Winning Idea
Beer and football go together almost as well as baseball and hot dogs (almost). Unfortunately, when your team is 0-16 and perennially one of the worst in the NFL, even all the beer in the world isn’t enough to attend the game. Fortunately, the Cleveland Browns and Bud Light have come up with an incredible idea to put people into chairs. The Browns have placed “Victory Fridges,” throughout their stadium and at various bars throughout Cleveland. When (and if) the Browns win, the fridges will be unlocked and free beer will be given to all. The move is not necessarily a risk for Bud Light in terms of product loss as the last Browns win was December 24th, 2016. Good luck.

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