7-Eleven Rewards Aussies with Free Coffee
For a limited time, Australians who bring a reusable cup to a 7-Eleven store will be rewarded for their eco-consciousness with free coffee. “The new initiative launched on 6 August and runs until 2 September. [It] is supported by an integrated marketing, advertising, and PR campaign, and the initiative has already generated significant word of mouth and a buzz on social media.”
Customer Experience
Pizza Hut to Close Hundreds of Dine-In Locations
In order to hone in on delivery and carryout services, the QSR is planning to close as many as 500 dine-in locations. “We are leaning in to accelerate the transition of our Pizza Hut US asset base to truly modern delivery/carryout assets,” says David W. Gibbs, President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer for Yum! Brands. “This will ultimately strengthen the Pizza Hut business in the US and set it up for a faster long-term growth.”
Daimler Trucks Creates Customer Experience Division
DTNA is going all out and launching a dedicated CX division. “It is not enough to offer the best commercial vehicles available,” says Roger Nielsen, President and CEO of DTNA. “We are fully embedding a focus on customer culture into the DTNA organization. I believe strongly in changing the customer experience and I will continue to prioritize from the top-down. Paul’s leadership and team will be integral to driving this transformation.”
Walmart Seeks to Patent a Way for Using Digital Cryptocurrency
The retailer has applied “to patent a way to use a digital coin tied to a traditional fiat currency, which could allow for cheaper and faster transactions as well as loyalty features, according to a filing published August 1 by the US Patent and Trademark Office.”
How Smaller Cities Are Trying to Plug America’s Brain Drain
Since 1980, educated workers have gravitated to wealthy coastal cities, but less-populated areas are beginning to push back. “Policymakers in Vermont and elsewhere are betting on programs that tap digital technologies to entice skilled workers to relocate. Last year, Vermont governor Phil Scott signed into law a measure designed to attract full-time remote workers to the Green Mountain State.”

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