General Mills’ Box Tops Go Digital with Fresh Mobile App
The brand’s loyalty program, long beloved by children, is getting a digital update to increase its effectiveness. “Rather than requiring consumers cut out coupons from physical packages and collect them to submit to a Box Tops coordinator at schools, the app helps to automate the process and lets people quickly view a running total of their total contributions. Seeing how the money adds up could help to motivate consumers to continue scanning their grocery receipts for a good cause, rather than having a vague idea of what they’ve contributed.”
Domino’s ‘Brexigeddon’ Plan
The pizza chain has announced that it “has spent more than $11 million (£7 million) on stockpiling imported ingredients including tomato sauce, frozen chicken, tuna, and even the ever-contentious pineapple.” Also, “Domino’s is far from alone in its food-shortage fears. Earlier this year, major food retailers including McDonald’s and supermarket company Sainsbury’s warned that significant disruptions to the food supply could result in vacant shelves.”
Facebook Offers News Outlets Millions of Dollars a Year to License Content
The social giant is preparing to launch a news section for its site later this year and is offering millions for the rights to do so. “Representatives from Facebook have told news executives they would be willing to pay as much as $3 million a year to license headlines and previews of articles from news outlets.”
Customer Experience
Why an Emoji Is Worth a Thousand Words in Customer Service
Increasingly, consumers are communicating with brands using emojis, which has big implications for customer-brand interaction. Joe Gagnon, CEO of Sparkcentral, says, “Why it matters is it gives us a real-time way of interpreting how customers are feeling about the business or about a product, and at a very human level, that emoji is capturing more than just the data. It’s the feeling, which of course is what we’re all trying to get at.”
Three Fast-Food Chains Are Serving Customized Ads to Consumers via Print
McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway have enlisted digital agency Isobar Brazil for personalized print ads. The brands “ran promotions that could only be accessed through a QR code in Brazilian newspaper O Estado de São Paulo. If readers opted to scan it, their geolocation (if accessible) and time of day would then determine what kind of ad they would see.”

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