Groupon Launches Membership Program
Groupon has embraced premium loyalty and launched a paid rewards program, Groupon Select. “The program, which has a monthly fee of $4.99, offers members discounts across the Groupon site, with 25 percent off local activities, restaurants, and spas and 15 percent off orders for consumer electronics, home furnishings, and apparel.”
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Sodexo to Put the Impossible Burger in 1,500 Cafeterias
This fall, foodservice company Sodexo, an awards finalist at the 2019 Loyalty Expo, will begin serving the Impossible Burger. “That means workers at corporate offices of major companies, including Unilever (UL) and Ford (F); students; and fast food customers throughout the country will soon be able to buy an Impossible burger with ease.”
Hertz and Avis Double Down on Ride-Hailing Strategy
Avis “has been investing heavily in alternatives to its core business in order to adapt to a landscape increasingly dominated by ride-hailing apps. Avis has chosen to go at this through strategic partnerships, such as its partnership with Lyft which it announced a year ago.” Hertz is using a similar strategy.
Samsung Tries Experiential Retail
Samsung has revealed the new Galaxy Note 10, which is being promoted through the brand’s retail experiences in London’s King Cross and New York, each of which will serve as “a test for how it uses its ‘experiential’ retail hubs, of which there are a handful around the world, to showcase products. They’re relatively new channels in its marketing arsenal, with the its eight-story Tokyo flagship only opening in March though already welcoming thousands of visitors a day.”
Visa to Test Advanced AI to Prevent Fraud
Presently, Visa uses machine learning in its fraud analytics, but it will soon introduce AI to assist in detecting data anomalies. “The platform, built in house and slated to be launched later this year, is an example of the broader financial services industry trend of using AI to detect patterns in transactions that could signal criminal behavior. The platform is cloud-based, meaning that Visa’s researchers and engineers can access it online from anywhere.”

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