Customer Experience
McDonald’s Trims Late-night Menu
The fast-food chain has announced that it will serve fewer menu items late at night. “The Chicago-based company said Thursday afternoon that the shortened menu is designed to improve speed. The pared-down menu debuts at stores April 30 and applies to restaurants in the U.S. that are open after midnight.”
Regal Activates Easter Egg Hunt to Drive App Downloads
Regal is employing gamification to get consumers engaged. The brand “is hosting an augmented reality Easter egg hunt that moviegoers can activate by scanning movie posters with the theater’s mobile app. Players can win prizes like free popcorn, bonus Regal Crown Club credits, and 25 percent off a credit order in the Regal Reward Center.”
Champion Gets Its Groove Back
The apparel company has regained popularity among young consumers. “Susan Hennike, president of Champion’s North America division, has been tasked with reaching that goal. She credits Champion’s popularity surge to increased investment in social media channels, updated designs (including more fashion-forward items like cut-off sweatshirts), new brick-and-mortar locations, and collaborations with other established brands.” Instagram influencers, including Chance the Rapper and the Kardashians, are partially responsible for this surge in appeal.
Walmart Launches Subscription Box for Apparel
The retailer is trying its hand at a subscription service. The brand “is partnering with KidBox, an online subscription-based service that sends out curated boxes of children’s clothing based on kids’ individual fashion preferences and personalities. Under the deal, shoppers will be able to purchase up to six different boxes a year, with the items curated by KidBox. They can order a box and schedule delivery on demand or sign-up for automatic shipments of the boxes, which are timed to seasons, back-to-school, and holiday.”
Dunkin’ Testing Change to DD Perks
The breakfast chain is testing rewards for more purchases than it has previously. While “the existing loyalty program requires that customers use an enrolled Dunkin’ gift card or the chain’s mobile app,” the change will enable customers to use a new physical loyalty card or a DD Perks loyalty ID QR code to earn points as well.

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