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New Store Experiences Are Not Stopping Mall Closures
Sales for mall retailers peaked in August 2018, but many businesses were increasing foot traffic without increasing profits, and numbers are going down. “As retailers are now starting to talk about pulling back on discounting, this could be one reason why traffic is dropping at malls, he said, in addition to the fact that some purchases are moving online. Another issue is landlords have been hoping that offering shoppers new experiences would make it more exciting to go to the mall, but the early evidence isn’t showing a boost in activity.”
Metro Allows Reusable Containers
Grocery retailer Metro is allowing consumers to bring their own reusable containers when purchasing food. “The company says it has set objectives to reduce its environmental impact and is finalizing a packaging and printed materials policy to be introduced this year.” Simple moves like this can really get consumers engaged; they’re more likely to give their loyalty to a company that they perceive as eco-conscious.
1 in 5 NYC Bus Riders Avoids Fare
“Transit officials recently announced a remarkable figure: One in five bus riders in New York City does not pay the fare.” This may be partially due to the bus system needing to be able to accept alternative payment methods. “The authority’s new chairman, Patrick J. Foye, said he also did not want to focus on arrests and wanted to find other solutions. He said the rollout of a new fare payment system using smartphones, which starts in May, would make it easier to check if someone paid the fare.”
Bazaarvoice Releases Shopper Experience Index
Bazaarvoice, a provider of user-generated content and shopper data solutions, has released its annual Shopper Experience Index. Based on data from over 6,000 websites in the Bazaarvoice Network, a survey of more than 500 brand and retailer clients, and a global survey of more than 2,000 consumers, the Shopper Experience Index explores the influential role of UGC throughout the shopping journey, the importance of authentic, personal connections with consumers, and what e-commerce strategies brands and retailers are focusing on in 2019 and beyond.
Mastercard Comes to the Loyalty Space
The credit card company is now offering loyalty solutions for merchants and rewards program designers. “Mastercard’s expertise in delivering co-brand loyalty solutions ensures a win-win for all stakeholders: our merchants, our bank partners, and most importantly, the consumer. Our end-to-end solution delivers insights on consumer and market trends that inform loyalty program design and optimization, and our focus on digital integration creates a seamless consumer experience.” Check it out.

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