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Universities Offering Students Firsthand Lesson in Rewards Programs
Although rewards programs are inching their way toward younger and younger audiences, several universities are making sure its students learn lessons of loyalty in addition to reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic. Sam Houston State University created a campus card system that students can use to purchase goods or check into different events, for which they are rewarded points that can be redeemed for prizes. University officials told that the goal is to increase student engagement. The rewards program is attached to a larger suite of products that includes an app that allows students to pay using their phones and upload their ID badge to their phones. The University of Kentucky, Florida International University and North Dakota State University have similar programs.
Taxes and Treats Share Spotlight as Brands Bring Discounts and Deals to Table Tomorrow
Tomorrow is Tax Day, and we’ve been offering a running list of brands offering freebies or discounts on products to help ease the stress of the Tax Man. Noodles & Co. is offering a “File Online, Order Online” promotion that offers $4 off a $10 order if the code “TaxDay18” is used on its online ordering app. For parents who want to celebrate with their kids, Chuck E. Cheese is offering a BOGO large pizza. We already wrote about Great American Cookies offering free Cookies and Cream cookies, as well as Hot Dog on a Stick, which is offering one free turkey or veggie corndog and Bruegger’s Bagels offering its Big Bagel Bundle for the reduced—and appropriate—price of $10.40. You can find a more complete list at,, The Real Deal, and USA Today.

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