Tim Hortons Launches Loyalty Program in United States
The chain, which is a staple for many Canadians, has launched a loyalty program in the United States after implementing a program in Canada in recent months. “Americans will be rewarded after every seventh visit with new Tims Rewards. With the new rewards program, guests will be eligible for any size hot brewed coffee, hot tea, or baked good (except for Timbits and bagels) after every seventh visit.” With the breakfast wars raging, the brand is making a good move by rewarding consumers for making a habit of starting the day at Tim Horton’s.
Dickey’s Revamps Its Loyalty Program
The BBQ chain has unveiled an improved version of its loyalty program. “Guests can download the Dickey’s App through the Apple App Store or Google Play and create a Big Yellow Cup Club Rewards account by signing in through email, Facebook, Twitter or Google. Guests can also access the rewards program via After the guest orders either in-store, online, or through the app, they will earn a point for every dollar spent. As the guest accumulates points, there will be free barbecue rewards available to them. To earn extra points, guests can fill out a survey through the Dickey’s App highlighting details of their experience at their local store.”
United Brings Dynamic Pricing to Its Loyalty Program
United has followed Delta in ditching its published chart for Mileage Plus rewards. “For now, American Airlines remains the only legacy US airline to offer a tiered, fixed-price frequent flyer system. The question is… how long before it follows Delta and United in adopting a dynamic pricing model?” Will the more transparent value proposition championed by American Airlines attract defectors?
Lush Quits Social Media in United Kingdom
British cosmetics firm Lush is closing several of its UK social media accounts this week. “The firm, which sells fragrant handmade soaps, bath bombs, and other body products, asked customers to contact it by email, phone, or via its website. LushUK has 202,000 Twitter followers and 569,000 on Instagram. More than 423,000 have liked the page on Facebook. That account name will close on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram along with Lush Kitchen, Lush Times, Lush Life, Soapbox, and Gorilla.” That’s a bold strategy; let’s see if it pays off.
Ford Mustang Fans Are More Loyal to the United States and Brands
A study comparing fans of Ford Mustangs to all US adults found that Mustang fans are more patriotic and more likely to participate in customer loyalty programs. “In another comparison with all US adults, figures suggest Mustang fans are more drawn to loyalty programs. In total, 61 percent think all brands should offer loyalty programs, compared to 58 percent of American shoppers. Mustang fans also say they’re more loyal and feel more emotionally connected to brands when they’re a loyalty program member at higher rates than the average consumer.”

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