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Boxed Goes Prime and Begins Paid Loyalty Program
Boxed, the online bulk grocery business, has been a disruptor to the big box wholesale clubs since its founding in 2013, and apparently it likes that role because now it’s trying to disrupt Amazon Prime. Boxed announced this week it created Boxed Up, a Prime-like paid loyalty program that charges a $49 annual fee, and in return gives customers 2-percent cash rewards, better discounts, special promotions, gifts and free priority shipping for orders over $20, as opposed to its current $49. The etailer will always have a free version, CEO Chieh Huang told the New York Business Journal, which also mentioned that the company is being eyed by other retailing giants, including Kroger and Bed Bath and Beyond.
Chase Offers Up to 75,000 Rewards Points to Homebuyers
For those with a Chase credit card, the financial institution announced this week it has created a fast way to earn a whopping 25,000 to 75,000 Ultimate Rewards points or Mileage Plus miles. All you have to do is buy a house—and finance it through Chase, of course. OK, so that’s not as easy as earning points by buying groceries or shopping for a birthday present. Still, that’s a lot of points. The brand created a pilot program targeted at Millennials, who prefer the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, and it went so well it is now expanding it to all of its customers. For those of you who already own a home, well, keep buying those groceries.

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