AMC’s Stock Is Up
Shares in AMC have increased in value by 10 percent, partly due to the success of the latest Avengers movie and partly due to the growth of the brand’s loyalty program. “AMC’s loyalty program, called Stubs, recently surpassed 19 million members, up from 12 million in the past year. Stubs A-List costs about $24 per month—about the same price as two adult movie tickets in New York—and requires a three-month minimum at sign-up. There are no blackout dates and subscribers can see films in any format, including IMAX and Dolby Cinema.”
Customer Experience
Whole Foods Offers the Four-Eatery Experience in its 500th Store
The grocery retailer has opened its 500th store in Atlanta, and the new location experiments with a multi-eatery model. “The 70,000-square-foot, four-level store, which premiered in a grand-opening event Friday, houses four fast-casual eateries— including a rooftop venue—plus more than 1,500 local items from 250 suppliers.” It’s interesting to see an Amazon-owned property focusing on in-store experience, instead of delivery or online ordering.
27 Percent of Gen Zers Say They Always Write a Product Review After Making a Purchase
While some Baby Boomers just can’t leave the restaurant without speaking to a manager, a significant portion of Gen Zers leave product reviews after every purchase. “In fact, according to new research from tech company Social Media Link, over 60 percent of Gen Zers say they leave a review often, if not every time.” Brands should see this as an opportunity to engage.
EU Ahead of Google in Establishing AI Ethics
Google has scrapped its AI ethics council, but the EU is moving ahead. “The ethical dimension of AI is not a luxury feature or an add-on,” says Andrus Ansip, EU Vice President for the Digital Single Market. “It is only with trust that our society can fully benefit from technologies.” Since we can assume that consumers would strongly dislike an AI takeover of civilization, brands should take note.
H&M Is Testing an Instagram-Influencer-Style Shopping Platform
On April 3, H&M launched the beta version of Itsapark, a platform that uses influencer marketing. “The new site is framed as a place for people with fashion questions to get answers from stylish young women, in Instagram-style posts and videos. Any users can respond to questions with advice, but the focus of the site is on the answers supplied by Itsapark’s roster of what it calls ‘content creators.’” These are some of the first waves in the arrival of nano-influencers. As long as they exude authenticity, this should be an engaging marketing endeavor.

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